by Palinopsias

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Salt, sand, orgasms, utter tantrums, the somewhat organic machineries, walkers and breathers, that we are, with our bodies trembling on the rug, our bones exposed to the streght, and our throats cut! Shall we hide beneath the shadow, and fear, for no dawn is eternal, no will is frivolity, no single scattered soul can escape the instinct of Perfection, or the inevitable urge to love.


released August 30, 2013



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Howlish Records Brazil

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Track Name: I'm Kippenberger I'm Dead
I couldn't tell if you are alive
or dead,
if my skin's petrified?
Sometimes I feel
this urge to vomit...
I'm so destroyed, I cannot rest
nor stay wake.

I wish it was 3 AM
and your massive soul
was laying next to me
again, again, again.

I'm the epitome of absurd,
I'm God with golden teeth,
I'm the cursed and the diffused,
the uncrackable tear that shed
from your skull
(and your eyes were colorless,
and I no longer had hope).

I wish I had emotions left,
needles and ponctuations.
I wish I wasn't so sick
nor pretended to love
anything. Just please,
I'm dead.
Track Name: Into the Silent Land!
[Interlude: William S. Burroughs]

Disintegration will
get you too
but not fast enough.

The raging bliss can
implode your lungs -
still, not fast enough.

Tell me again that you need me or something
you know I'm no good
but does it really matter?
Whisper in my ear I'm not a fake or a liar.

And satanic flumes
as a crown in your head...
Track Name: We're Born to Eat These Flakes of Fog and Fever
Chaos lays within itself
until the bleach consumes
your nails and fingertips.

The sky tears its eyes off,
it cannot bare the boredom,
the ragged monotony and
the bubbling tones of
desperation and doom
in your freckles.

I can't breath,
let me escape!
I can't breath,
let me escape!

Chaos drowns in your tears...
Let your wits get sharper,
let the stomach ache hits!

The sore laughs softly
as your nerves burst loud,
pulsating furs and spikes
and the breeding lumps,
through your corpse,
choking with anger.

I can't breath,
let me escape!
I can't breath,
let me stay!,
I can't...
Track Name: No More Beautiful Pictures
I saw your pale, flat ghost
and let it enfold around my stomach.
It is eating me out from inside
as I sleep and I dream, as I let it die,
Your big, black, fat fucking eyes,
staring at me, and I'm fading away,
they're blurring my sight, I cant think
of what to say.
I'm forcing myself to feel again:

I'm a cage in search of a bird
and I'm very much afraid of myself.
The Gods smoked all my cigarretes,
your lips turned into dust and blew
with the wind
and I dripped the planets of your eyeballs
on the soil.
Track Name: Lovesong
I don't care enough to love.